Who got eliminated on American Idol Season 10?

Perhaps more than the performances, the most searched about keywords during American Idol season are: “who got eliminated from idol?” “who is going home on american idol?” or “who went home on idol?”

Clearly, while millions tune to the performances, the rest of America and the world just wants to know who got sent home and who is left to compete!

Going into the finals, the cuts for the semi-final round is brutal. The top 24 performs for America’s votes and from there will only get the Top 5 guys and the Top 5 girls.

Fourteen contestants will lose their chance to become this year’s American Idol. However, the producers are putting a twist to this drama. The judges can and will pick 2 or 3 more people to go into the final round of the competition making the magic 12 or 13.

From there, one will go home each week. The top 10 lucky ones will go on tour nationwide in the Summer.

Come back here on Thursday and every Thursday thereafter to find out the results!!

UPDATE: We have the results below…


SCOTT MCCREERY is the new American Idol!!

over 122 million votes! Lauren Alaina is runner-up.

Top 3


Lauren and Scotty are in the Finale!

Top 4



  • Lauren Alaina
  • Haley Reinhart
  • Scotty McCreery

Top 5

Bottom Two:

Lauren Alaina


Top 6


Top 7
Bottom 3

Jacob Lusk
Stefano Langone- Eliminated
Haley Reinhart SAFE

Top 8

Bottom 3

  • Haley Reinhart
  • Stefano Langone
  • Paul McDonald – ELIMINATED

Top 9


  • Stefano Langone
  • Pia Toscano – ELIMINATED
  • Jacob Lusk

Top 11 Redux
Bottom Three:
* Naima Adedapo – ELIMINATED
* Thia Megia – ELIMINATED
* Paul McDonald SAFE

Top 11:
Bottom 3: Everyone’s SAFE!! Idol used the save on Casey Abrams!!

* Thia Megia
* Stefano Langone
* Casey Abrams

Top 12:

Bottom 3

* Haley Reinhart SAFE
* Naima Adedapo SAFE

Top 13:
Bottom 3

* Karen Rodriguez
* Ashthon Jones – Eliminated and is going home.
* Haley Reinhart

Top 24:

  • Robbie Rosen
  • Clint Gamboa
  • Jovany Barreto
  • Jordan Dorsey
  • Tatynisa Wilson
  • Julie Zorrilla
  • Ashthon Jones wildcard pick
  • Kendra Chantelle
  • Tim Halperin
  • Naima Adedapo wildcard pick
  • Lauren Turner
  • Brett Loewenstern
  • Rachel Zevita
  • Stefano Langone

Top 13

  • Scott McCreery
  • Pia Toscana
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Jacob Lusk
  • Casey James
  • Thia Megia
  • Paul McDonald
  • Stefano Langone
  • Ashton Jones
  • Naima Adepapo

Results: Who got eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance 7?

The Top 11 of So You Think You Can Dance Season 7:

* AdeChike Torbert
* Alex Wong
* Alexie Agdeppa
* Ashley Galvan
* Billy Bell
* Cristina Santana
* Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz
* Kent Boyd
* Lauren Froderman
* Melinda Sullivan
* Robert Roldan

Check back here weekly to see who is eliminated until ultimately we get “America’s Favorite Dancer.” Results show are Thursdays at 9pm ET. Performances and voting nights are on Wednesdays, 8pm ET.

CONGRATULATIONS, Lauren Froderman!!!

Robert Roldan and Kent Boyd | voted off 8/12

Adechike Torbert | voted off 8/5

Billy Bell | voted off 7/29

Jose Ruiz | voted off, 7/29

July 22: no one is voted off!! They are eliminating two people next week!! Following Idol’s save?? What gives?!

Another week, another injury. Another dancer eliminated due to injury!!

Ashley Galvan, voted off 7/15

Alex Wong is eliminated from the competition due to a lacerated Achilles tendon.

He needs an operation and 3 months of rest. SYTYCD wants him to come back.

Voted off 7/8

Melinda Sullivan
voted off July 1

Cristina Santana

voted off 6/24

Alexie Agdeppa

voted off 6/17

Who Got Eliminated in American Idol Top 24 Season 9?

Watch out for this section.

This updates every week and fills in the eliminated contestant/s as soon as we get them until we reach the final three to reveal your next American Idol.

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Top 24, Season 9


Crystal Bowersox is 2nd runner-up!!!

casey james

Casey James, 27
Eliminated 5/19

Why, we aren’t surprise?! Idol’s been gearing a Lee-Crystal Finale for several weeks now…

Michael Lynche, 26

Eliminated 5/12

Aaron Kelly, 16
Eliminated, 5/5

Siobhan Magnus, 19!!!

Eliminated, 4/28

Tim Urban, 20 (Finally!!!!!)

Eliminated, 4/21 Top 10

Katie Stevens, 17

Eliminated, 4/14 Top 10

Andrew Garcia, 24

Eliminated, 4/14 Top 10

The judges used the save on Michael Lynche so no one goes home this week, April 7. Next week, they will eliminate two people.

Michael Lynche didn’t deserve the save. Didi Benami did. What a shame.

Didi Benami, 23

Eliminated, 3/31 Top 10

Paige Miles, 24

Eliminated, 3/24 Top 11

Lacey Brown, 24

Eliminated, 3/17 Top 12

Lilly Scott, 20

Eliminated, 3/11 Top 16

Alex Lambert, 19

Eliminated, 3/11 Top 16

Todrick Hall, 24

Eliminated, 3/11 Top 16

Katelyn Epperly, 19

Eliminated, 3/11 Top 16

Haeley Vaughn, 16

Eliminated, 3/4 Top 20

Michelle Delamor, 22

Eliminated, 3/4 Top 20

John Park, 21

Eliminated, 3/4 Top 20

Jermaine Sellers, 27

Eliminated, 3/4 Top 20

Ashley Rodriguez, 22

Eliminated, 2/25 Top 24

Joe Munoz, 20

Eliminated, 2/25 Top 24

Janell Wheeler, 24

Eliminated, 2/25 Top 24

Tyler Grady, 20

Eliminated, 2/25 Top 24

Who Got Eliminated in So You Think You Can Dance 6?


Who is out of the competition?

Check back here every week for the quick results! Performance nights are on Tuesdays and results night follow every Wednesday at 8/7 (central).

Vote for your favorites, every phone call counts… See you again!

jonathanlegacy_perezJonathan Legacy Perez . Eliminated December 9, Top 8

molleegray8Mollee Gray . Eliminated December 9, Top 8

nathantNathan Trasoras . Eliminated December 2, Top 10

noellemarsh10Noelle Marsh . Eliminated December 2, Top 10

victor+smalleyVictor Smalley . Eliminated November 25, Top 12

karen+hauerKaren Hauer . Eliminated November 25, Top 12

huntekevinKevin Hunte . Eliminated November 19, Top 14

cookechanningChanning Cooke . Eliminated November 19, Top 14

Pauline Mata . Eliminated November 11, Top 16

Peter Sabasino . Eliminated November 11, Top 16


Bianca Revels . Eliminated November 3, Top 18

Phillip Attmore . Eliminated November 3, Top 18


Ariana Debose . Eliminated October 27, Top 20


Brandon Dumlao . Eliminated October 27, Top 20


Billy Bell left the competition after only one performance due to an illness. He was replaced by Brandon Dumlao who was consequently eliminated by a unanimous decision from the judges.

7/30 So You Think You can Dance 5 Results Night, get ready for your Top 4 finalists


All right we are very pleased with the results. There’s no way we are watching the Finale without Jeanine Mason in it! We already lost Janette Manrara and she should have been in the finale instead of Kayla.

When it came down to the guys, Brandon and Evan (except for Philip Chbeeb) really have been the more popular among the guys so it’s no surprise to see them in the finale. Then again maybe Ade should have been in the finale.

In tonight’s results, we bid farewell to a Ballerina and a Contemporary dancer: Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi respectively. We wonder if word got around about the racy photos Ade purportedly posted on a website mostly catering to gay men. Has executive producer Nigel Lythgoe knew about the photos and fixed the elimination of Ade to do damage control? Or the fans were turned off and did not vote for him. (Sorry we can’t post the link of the website here, we don’t want to be associated with it. You’ll just have to google it if you really want to see the alleged pics.)


The show featured four of the Emmy nominated dances and it was a real treat to see them on TV again. Most especially we get to see the dancers who made the dance even more exciting. There was something off in all their dancing though and when we put up the video you’ll see what we mean. It wasn’t as smooth and flawless as we remembered it done. We even saw the live performances in the tour. Perhaps because it has been a while since they danced together as partners and we’re sure the rehearsal time was limited for them. Over all, it was great! Nice feat for SYTYCD if any of these dances do win the Emmy.

• Bleeding Love • performed by Mark Kanemura and Chelsie Hightower
Tabitha D’umo, Choreographer
Napoleon D’umo, Choreographer

• Mercy • Katee Shean and Twitch Boss
Mia Michaels, Choreographer

• Adam and Eve / Silence • Performed by William Wingfield and Jessica King
Tyce Diorio, Choreographer

• A Los Amigos • performed by Joshua Allen and Chelsie Hightower
Dmitry Chaplin, Choreographer



We’ll see you on the Finale night! The finale show will be held LIVE at the Kodak theater in Los Angeles, CA on August 5th.

7/16 So You Think You Can Dance 5 Top 10 Results, Ade nearly calls it Anite

Well, not much surprise for us tonight. The two we thought would be eliminated were, and on the women’s side, our second pick for elimination was in the bottom two. Ade was the only dancer that did not belong, and we thought it like last year when Twitch was threatened, but really, had no business even gracing the bottom anything.

By the way, we would like to mention we met Twitch at one of the performances last year in Boston. Twitch was more gracious and more willing to please his fans than any dancer we have seen. He signed and took pictures and tried to please everyone in a very chilly environment in which he could have easily waved and departed. Twitch was not our favorite last year in the dance competition, but he is our favorite personality from SYTYCD to date. He is our favorite SYTYCD performer since its inception because he has grace and presence with his audience as well as on the stage.

randi_kupono_eliminatedAll that said, we were sad that we were right about Randi. Randi got a “luck of the draw” elimination. The Paso Doble eliminated her, and the costume directors eliminated her, and Kubono’s weak performance eliminated her. There was way too much weight on the poor girl. Tonight, she showed her incredibly cute personality, and you could see it was an error to have sent her home this week. But that draw of the cards was drawing a 2 on a high card draw. No matter how well you drew the card, it was still a 2. But she bowed out holding that two with total grace and personality, something we will remember her for.

On the men’s side, we were surprised that Ade made it to the bottom 2. We think perhaps it is his kind of goofy look that, at times, steals from his ability to be the leading man. Joshua had no such problem with any goofy smile. Oddly, Twitch did, but it endeared us to him and he better controlled it. Ade’s smile does not endear, it just makes you think he is a goofy kid. That is sad to say because we love his talent and think it nearly unsurpassed this year, but it may be his undoing. But then, Twitch learned and recovered, and so may Ade.

But the fact is… Kupono called it a night, and the audience called for Ade. Kupono was done tonight and had to be. Again, this was a partially because of a draw of the cards. That Paso Doble was very difficult. But the champions like Joshua pull those dances out of the fire and make them memorable. The lesser dancers cannot present the strength and personality necessary, and Kupono went down in flames taking Randi with him. Kupono dances much like his mentor, Mark Kanemura, but he has a feminine look and no evil or strong persona that could have pulled out that dance like Mark did in this one… He lost because he deserved to lose, combined with the luck of the draw because the dance he was forced to dance did not match his personality.

So there you have it. Kupono and Randi are gone. Randi should not be, and Kupono deserved to be. Melissa is skating on thin Nutcracker ice. We think she is in definite danger to be next. On the men’s side it is totally up in the air.

7/9 So You Think You Can Dance 5 Results Shape Up Who is going on tour. Guess what? All 12 Go!

We love to blow our own horn. Of course we do. Who doesn’t? But we were off just a bit. The audience put Melissa and Ade in the bottom 3 and both of them did solos that left little down the vote was wrong. They don’t have the sex appeal of the other dancers, but they have a strength that will not be easily eliminated. SAFE.

Our other favorite from last night, in fact our absolute favorite by far… Jeannette and Brandon – were obviously proclaimed safe.

Kayla & Kupono were the top of our bottom four. We were not overly enthused by Kupono last night, but Kayla was awesome. So what do you do? The audience decided to keep them…SAFE.

Randi and Evan were not up to snuff last night, especially Evan. But they have that American apple pie vote. And their victory kicked out Jeanine and Phillip, another pair in our bottom four.

Jeanine and Phillip were interesting last night in their performances. Jeanine was spectacular and it would be good to see her dance with real broad-based male talent. Phillip was fun, but is not diverse in any way. We wanted him gone weeks prior. They could not eliminate one of the best dancers on the floor just to to keep Phillip. So they didn’t. Phillip got the boot, but will be on the tour anyway.

caitlin_philip_eliminatedCaitlin and Jason were great but boring. Their dances just weren’t memorable. They did not grab us and make us want tot grab that phone. America agreed. Bottom three and our bottom of the bottom.

Jason shook off the disaster of being in the bottom three again, with a powerful, even if seemingly desperate, solo. And Phillip could not compete with the flex dance.

Caitlin was clearly in danger after the solos. It wasn’t because her solo was not on par with any of the great solos this year. It was because they remember her boring performances from last night, and because neither of the women competing against her were not within a hair of her performance, give or take. It was a dead heat, so last night’s dances came into play and the judges already had made up their mind based on that. We had as well. Goodbye, Caitlin. BUT NO!! Caitlin gets to go on the show!!!! They want BOLLYWOOD!!!

Top 12 elimination recap

Who got Eliminated in So You Think You Can Dance 5?

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